e-Stadium 2.0 english

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Physical Education is a subject full of concepts that are worth learning and is related constantly to other areas. That is why you are going to think that the practice you do in class is totally meaningful.

The objective of this digital book is to promote self-learning; you are going to be able to reason out different concepts, to adopt critical attitudes and, of course, to participate in class when your teacher explains the units. In this book you are going to find images, videos and animated presentations that will be useful to make theoretical explanations more enjoyable.

Although we can have our lessons in a digital classroom, this book is thought of as a resource for you and your teacher to work with concepts outside the school: Physical Education is, in fact, sport practice. E-Stadium offers the possibility to take full advantage of the school hours stated in the official Curriculum. However, we do not need to give up theoretical concepts which are necessary to practice sport correctly.

By means of clear and schemed explanations, here you can revise concepts online and evaluate yourself at the end of each unit with interactive exercises.

We hope that this book is going to become a resource for you to value all new things that you are learning. This is a job that is truly worth it, since putting it into practice means that your personality is developing in the right way. 

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